Should Lobster Bisque be on the Children’s Menu?

When I was in Houston last week, my almost twin brother wanted to celebrate our birthdays and I asked my tagalong sister, Sam and her kid, the “I,” to join us. At first I thought we wouldn’t make it. Imagine my bro and sis were arguing over choice of Italian restaurants. Finally bro’s choice, the Coliseum, won out.

My sister and “I” were talking over the lobster menu. I thought oh boy, I knew it, sweet revenge.

They chose Lobster Bisque. I asked don’t they have to give you the market price for anything lobster? “I” expertly told me no, the bisque is just made from throwaway lobster parts. He knew after spending most of his wonderful 10 summers on a Gulf Coast island.

As we were talking the waiter passed by. “I” said, excuse me, could you tell me the contents of this lobster bisque.” The waiter listed the parts, the cream and the sherry. Mr. Wonderful 10 said ah ha, I thought there was an ingredient in there that I had never tasted before. He smiled down into his bowl, hiding the pride of a first from his Mom. SAM was beginning to get it so my bro said well that sherry gets cooked down. SAM asked after the waiter, did you give my son Sherry?

Did you know that in Maine Lobster Bisque you could have 4 to 14 ingredients in your soup without having brandy or sherry? I did come across a fun title while seeking a google lobster bisque education, “Waiter! There’s a Federal Scientist in my Lobster Bisque.

“I” gave the waiter a very good tip.

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