Art of Forgiveness, Hello?

Sanrio left behind © 2008 bubblegumvision

When Chips Ahoy was waiting for the government’s approval to sell its magazine, Adm. Grace Hopper, who discovered the first computer “bug” (an actual insect), asked “why don’t you just go ahead and do it?”–“It’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.”–from Chips Ahoy interview with Grace Hopper

Was Forgiveness Sachs’d?

NYTimes doesn’t mention if Tom Sachs ever begged forgiveness from”Hello Kitty” owner Sanrio, just that he did not ask permission to use “Hello Kitty.”

““I think it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission,” he [Tom Sachs] said at the opening party on May 8. –“Kitsch Kitties Stolen by Unctious Artist.”
(was Sanrio invited?)

credits for Sanrio © 2008 bubblegumvision

In Wall Street Journal, “Schultz’s Second Act Jolts Starbucks

In the Second Act Schultz requires conflicted boldness from his employees :

“Don’t ask for permission,” he recalls saying. “Ask for forgiveness.”

Yet when permission wasn’t asked, a lecture was forthcoming, and the request for forgiveness?


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