Revisiting the Crowd that Fits

The same red truck, still about four times the size of my NYC apartment, pulled up in my folk’s driveway in NASA country USA.

It had been two full years since I’d last seen him. This time Mr. Related had brought along his friend for life, as my mom captioned the picture I took (see left).

Habits don’t die hard, they linger, no matter where you go or for how long. When he came back Mr. Related picked right up with his habit.

They drove me over to the library so I could show him the “Crowd that Fits.” He hadn’t read it. He would look up and grin every sentence or so, he read aloud “Stripper?” I said, “Thanks for editing me.”

When he finished, he said so wistfully, “Let’s go have another adventure.”

It was not to be. Mr. Related was making a grand out of his father and a great out me, his aunt. In a couple of weeks he was bringing Alice into his wonderland. He’d had to become one of the greatest car salesmen around in a very short time. From day one it wasn’t a problem. Alice is very much wanted, everyone is eagerly awaiting her b-day.

Mr. Related will have to write about his adventures with Alice. He’ll have to photocatalog all the cars he sells and write about how he sells them so fast. I hope he quits his habit. I had to take a bath after being in that nicotine-coated truck. I told him that it was a disgusting habit and did he want the download of Eckhart Tolle’s talk with Oprah on addiction? I guess that was a little rough, he looked down, then he said ‘oK”. After he left, I was sick for days. People said I sounded like someone who smoked 10 packs a day. I guess my body was trying to purge the year of living in NYC Crud, 10 people smoking whereever and whenever they please.

He said to be sure and send him all the pictures from his last adventure. He wanted to put them in a scrapbook for Alice.


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