Shopping to Keep Physically Fit? Back to Bikram Yoga…

I purchased the Omron HJ-150 Hip Fitness Pedometer at a grocery store a couple of weeks ago while visiting my parents. I thought ‘wow! once and for all, I’ll prove how many steps I take walking in the MTA transit system.’

The pedometer is super simple to use. Just set the time by poking a hole in its back to reset, press on the button at the top and clip the device horizontally to your skirt or pant’s belt loop. At the end of the day check out your physical fitness. (instructions enclosed or just check out the pdf instructions here)

In light of the product’s recommendation of 10,000 steps a day for a healthy lifestyle the big surprise, without shopping, I did not meet the bar. (HC and David A, move over)

Here’s the scores:
grocery shopping on a weekend day 1 – 6,935
plus front of park and overlook stairs
Non-shopping weekend day – 2,431
park and overlook terrace stairs

Workday -5,936
Workday -5,188


(walked from 59th and 8th to mad and 60th

Mark Garrison’s studio off Mad at 60th)

from there to Macys 34th

and returning from broadway & 34th

to 59th and columbus ave).

Hair Pictures?
I gave my camera to “I”.“I” © 2008 bubblegumvision

Your Nikon non-dig SLR, are you kidding? not eco friendly. Actually just to spite New York for adding sales tax to internet purchases starting June 1 (those pigs can’t even get out of the front door they are so greedy, see Amazon sues New York for sales tax) I consumed

last week from Amazon to be delivered this coming week to my mailbox (no steps).

What did I buy, uh, consume?

For $54 from Inc. International Concepts at Macy’s
1 pair Vanilla Slacks
1 100% cotton top
no tax!

and Widgets

for $99 + tax, a Casa Essentials Portable Ecofriendly Induction Cooktop
(I have been living the past year without microwave or gas or electric cooking. I’ve been wanting to add beans and pasta to my diet.) “Even with the ridiculous tax its still a good buy,” I thought.
Apple Meditation 2

Apple Meditation 2
Elise Miller model, photo designer
Photograph© Nathan Blaney 2004

Did I enjoy the walking and shopping?
No, though I tried. That’s the problem, there are so many traffic problems on the streets of New York City that you are just basically fighting terrorists and it is not enjoyable, it is disgusting. Cigarette smokers flailing and flinging their cigs as if they were a protected “class” of misfits, foreigners walking the whole width of the sidewalk, I am pretty sure they don’t do that at home, why do they think they can be so repulsively obnoxious here?

NYPD parading through town with their 15 siren-screaming entourage, NYPD posing for pictures, what is this an amusement park of freaks?

No Macy’s wasn’t any better. People eating McDonald’s right on the store displays and all their Mac Buffet spread out right along the escalator? They were foreigners.

There was too much credit card pushing. I always wonder who gets the revenue from the foreigners consumption and does it really pay for all the damage and discomfort they cause for the “natives”?

I keep reminding myself it is my goal to get out of this City to move to Sausalito or Sonoma. I was suppose to be out of here two months ago. When my lease is up that’s where I am headed. Meanwhile instead of participating in the walking and shopping of NYC I think I’ll just head back to Bikram Yoga, though I do lose weight there and that is not my goal! Nor is my goal to consume in a manner that delivers any more revenue for New York City to misspend.

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