First Memorial Day was a day for remembering Civil War veterans

Today’s Memorial Day is its 140th observance

The first was in 1868 when the Grand Army of the Republic, all veterans of the Civil War, designated a day in May to honor “the memory of our heroic dead.”–SFGate

It was the Southern women who placed flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

New York was the first state to observe the date in 1873. Southern states the last when Veterans day embraced World War I. They observed the date of Memorial Day for the Veterans of wars other than the Civil War. June 3, Jefferson Davis’ birthday, is celebrated in Louisiana and Tennessee, in honor of those lost and those that fought in the Civil War.

Much has been said about Abraham Lincoln, just remember though what he allowed to be said about the native Indians and also that the real reason for the war the poor economic standing of the North, it was economic, until Lincoln added the slavery issue as an incentive to get the Yanks to fight.

Some think Lincoln’s assassination allowed the carpetbaggers and Yanks to just come right on in to the South and railroad them, rape them, steal. I however think he would have just stood by and let it happen. I am no fan. I never use a $5 bill.

After all noone really owns a true deed in New York, its all stolen land from the Indians. No matter how many trinkets they manipulate.

Indeed, Memorial Day, is not a good day to remember the Civil War union and confederate veterans.


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