English Ivy Takes On Tobacco Smoke

Geekboy sent me some Good 010 Marketplace – Plants for your Health. Among the Healers, English Ivy takes on Tobacco Smoke.

As an outdoor plant English Ivy if not reigned in can be as invasive as the tobacco smoke it seeks to mollify.

The Urban Pantheist writes about war on English Ivy in Oregon, see No Ivy League. Someone else in Oregon is Yelping about it; Anyone Who Plants or Sell English Ivy – Portland, OR 97206 ( I wonder how they feel about tobacco smoke?)

According to the National Park Service English Ivy is known as Hedera Helix member of Gingseng Family and is considered a “BAD” plant as far as parks and trees are concerned.

” * English ivy is one of the few exotics that can become established and grow in deep shade.

* English ivy forms thick carpets on the forest floor and chokes out native vegetation, including tree seedlings.

* It creeps up trees into the canopy, flowers and forms berries. Birds eat the berries and disperse seeds to other locations. Seedlings emerge and start new infestations.

* The vines weigh down tree branches causing them to break.

* English ivy is a threat to the integrity of the ancient redwood forest. “

–See “What is English Ivy?

So is tobacco smoke good for plants?
A one-month long science fair experiment, planting seeds in a smoking environment resulted in short and stubby, shriveled and grubby….plants (see experiment here).

Ok, so where is the awesome in English Ivy for cleaning up tobacco smoke?

As a potted indoor plant or outdoor hanging plant or topiary or a well maintained privacy wall. That is where the awesome is.

Casa Sugar has done the work on care of the English Ivy as a houseplant.

The American Ivy Society takes care of the rest.

Where in New York City might you find English Ivy?
New York City Municipal gardens (in 1997 they purchased 150,000 English Ivy plants (See “In Cold City’s Warm Spot, Darling Buds are coming…” ), Craigslist in New York City and at Ian Schrager’s Hudson palace.


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