City Impatient? Where is the moratorium on all construction projects until reviewed?

On 57th Street Look Up! © 2008 bubblegumvision
Collapsing cranes overhead are just the tip of the Bloomberg Follies.

The Mayor inherits bad construction practice, most New Yorkers have to tolerate major reconstruction inside or outside their buildings for the greater part of a year and sometimes years with no review from the City.

I think though we have never had these major cranes collapsing overhead before Mr. Bloomberg’s expertise in city rezoning arrived in 2001. We only pay him $1 a year, you get what you pay for.

At any rate this remark from the Deputy Mayor overseeing the Department of Buildings is….just not good enough!!

“No one is less patient for results than us,” Mr. Skyler added, “but some things we can do overnight and others need time for their impact to be felt.”–Crane Collapses Prompt Questions on Mayor’s Oversight

Did anyone wonder where all the tax money goes beyond the slush fund that Mr. Bloomberg is ultimately responsible for?

“She has been unfairly beaten up a little bit in the press.”–he said.

Extell cranes grazing on 57th Street © 2008 bubblegumvision

“The city has moved to hire 56 new inspectors and has started a $4 million high-risk construction study.”–Crane Collapses Prompt Questions on Mayor’s Oversight

Who pays for that $4 million study?? Surely not Mr Bloomberg’s developer friends and customers.

Want to take action? Start here. see Slushfund follies


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