So what, the prices of cigarettes went up.

The Gutter, an ashtray? © 2008bubblegumvision

Here’s the scoop, cigarette prices topped $8 today in New York City.

Do you really believe that people are going to quit smoking just because of “legal” cigarette taxing?

Most of the cigarette smoking on New York City streets is not taxed. The cigarettes are obtained via internet, across the border or just plain rolled tobacco. You can tell the difference, the rolled and indian cigarettes reek, massively smoky and are actually more dangerous for everyone’s health.

Once again New York City really didn’t achieve anything except for continuing to make their city one of terrorists.

The New York City ordinance states you shall not smoke within 100 feet of a public building. That makes every single outdoor smoker in New York City a lawbreaker subject to fine.

There are plenty of laws in New York City about walking on the streets with weapons. If someone were to go around tapping, waving and flinging lit sticks on the street of New York City, rest assured they would be arrested. This is exactly what cigarette smokers do everyday and no police enforcement stops them. This is not a quality of life issue or just bad manners this is terrorism.

The above example simply demonstrates the complete idiocy, hypocrisy and discriminatory behavior of our New York City government. They protect the public? or do they just protect the smoking public? It is my experience that they protect the smoking public and therefore create daily human rights violations against the majority of their public, the non-smokers.

In 1903 New York City prohibited women (thousands who never even thought of smoking in public) from smoking in public. 🙂

Last year I wrote a New York City commissioner to please put no smoking enforcement up in the subway stations and their tunnels and escalators, bus stops and at street lights. They wrote back they were thinking about it…

and here we all sit like chumps letting our government officials discriminate against us. Why?

In Japan the governments are not sitting on the stump like chumps.

see No Smoking While Walking in Shibuya.
see Japan Today comments on bad manners

New York State nor City doesn’t have its tax priorities right nor its statistics. Just hype as usual. They enable the smoker.

I really don’t see New York State or City government doing anything to help the non-smoker and all the “help” they’ve given smokers has been ineffective. Only 30% of the people who say they stopped smoking stay that way. Is Quitting in your Genes? Widgets


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