Governor Paterson is a Peach!

Ok I decided not to ask if he was a peach? And a friend told me I shouldn’t quote big media or empower other bloggers. So there, deleted.

That I had to risk all that New York State has given me 🙂 and take a stand.

The news media asked Governor Paterson if he had had affairs in office and if he has used government funds to entertain those affairs. He said yes and paid back the funds. All was forgiven because he was not in battle with the White House or the New York State Republican leadership or state attorney. They are pals.

Governor Paterson decided to pick up what Eliot Spitzer had thrown down; taking tax from New York State customers of the internet in every possible way.

Many have lost their affiliate business because of Governor Paterson’s actions. Gaiam and Karmaloop have severed their affiliate relationship with me.

I thank you Governor because I know that New York State really is careful about where they spend their money and they do so much good for their constituents. When I was entitled to Medicare and needed it they denied me in the midst of their own bureaucracy. When I needed unemployment, the same deal. I pay over 90% of my take-home pay as rent. Others who make more and have lived here many years less are entitled to affordable housing and other State rights, not I. I have lived in New York City and State since 1972. I have always paid taxes.

Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing for me. Yesterday I slipped on the floors of the MTA trying to take my seat. The floors were sopping wet and the train driver just soared out of the station. Yes I know that New York State is doing so much for me. So I don’t mind.

And as for allowing New York gays that go out of state for their legitimate marriages, just as those who went before them to other states for their legal abortions, bravo! Right on.

Governor Paterson did not change New York State law, he only clarified in a directive to his agencies their legal obligations in its most perfect political twist:

That law says that the state will recognize marriages licensed in other states, even if those marriages wouldn’t be licensed in New York.”–windy city

Yes. Let New York State taxpayers pay for the legal bills to pioneer ‘marriage for gays’ legislation in New York State, that’s the way. Because really isn’t the gays’ right to marriage one that should be fought at the federal level?

Governor Paterson you are such a Peach.

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