Who Let the Dolls Out?

I asked, upon hearing the sudden high Volume of ever so quiet Republican Laura Bush as she reached out across the aisle to the Democratic Damsels in Distress.

Its old news now but this morning Laura Bush held #1 spot on the Buzz at Yahoo! for taking her turn at re-spinning Michelle Obama’s patriotic mood ring.

Yes. Today Laura Bush gave the Republican equivalent of Knuckle-Bumps to Michelle Obama and Hillary. Laura Bush really did say Hillary had grit and she mean’t to say it. Hillary may have to put a patent on her demo-meme “grit” the way this Republican was respinning it.

Alas, old buzz is no buzz, and this massively delayed re-spin went flying off the charts into yesterday’s buzz pile with 152 votes.

If what Michelle said was so correct then why did not less than 18 million people use 15 to 30 minutes to explain what

“This is the first time as an adult that [Michelle] felt proud to be an American”
really meant?

and why?…

after Michelle had purged herself on the campaign trail in a most public and media savvy way, was she not to be held accountable (per her husband’s orders) for something she meant to say?

After all at the age of four years, my niece told her mom the equivalent of “to stuff it.” When her mom told her dad; her brother defended her, “She didn’t mean to say that.” My niece piped up “I did so mean to say that!” Now that my friends is the meaning of true grit! She knew her mind.

Unbuzz me!


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