Discriminatory Soles, Oh My!

I started working at this place that doesn’t have cigarette smoke outside its doors and therefore not in the offices. Actually I really like working there because of its location, across from Central Park and an Apple is right in front. It takes me about 45 minutes to get to work door to door. 30 minutes subway ride from Cloisters toColumbus Circle (on a good day) and then 15 minute walk to 59th street and Fifth Avenue. I get the 10,000 steps of a healthy lifestyle in when I work there.
Amazon.com Widgets
The first thing the supervisor did when she met me is look down on my shoes. She said with great disdain those are sneakers and we don’t allow them here. You have to change. I said these are mary janes, they are not sneakers. I have to wear shoes like these because I have dancer’s feet. I will be in great pain if I don’t take care of my feet. She said you have to wear shoes. All day long I looked at the shoes others were wearing; they were nothing to brag about; really beat up looking. I looked at my Privo Acacia Blacks; they were the darling of the crowd.

This was blatant discrimination. I decided to tell everyone who had any power in the firm about this conversation. One person said I could have an operation. I looked at the person who made 25 times the amount I make. Great idea I said.

Later on, I did look at Amazon and there are a few more vegan flats I could try. I like the denim privos. No jeans are allowed at this firm. However no one there mentioned no Jeans for your Sole.

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