Sam Skyped my Filter

When you live in a $1200 a month ghetto Heights NYC crud apartment this is what happens to your lungs

The “I” got a laptop with a 1.3 meg videocam the other day. He and his mom, Sam, were merrily skypeing me.

We had so much fun that I went and broke the bank on a Logitech 9000. Literally. Only a month ago the cam was on rebate for half of what I paid for it. I bought mine at

Despite the ups and downs of its market price, the cam is the best consumer video cam on the market serving great photo snaps and special effects. Click, upload, click upload as Sam played paparazzi, you are so pretty, so photogenic. Hey, make my day. Widgets
I gave Sam a tour of the 20″ 3M Filtrete 1000 that I have duct taped onto the front of a box fan close to my closet in the bedroom. This filter is 3 days old. Hmm. Do you wonder what my lungs must look like? I don’t smoke. Gag, can’t say any more right now.

I did think I looked rather nice in the cam’s special effects.
me after living one year in a $1200 a month new york city crud apartment in ghetto Heights.

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