Causing Carma

Causing Carma ©2008 bubblegumvision
“That just about sums it up,” I told my boss, when she asked “How did the weekend yoga go?”

She said “I looked for you; it didn’t look like much fun.”

I said “Yes. When I saw all the sheriffs and NYPD and their loathsome gated polyturfed Time Square mini-island enveloped by two roads of fuming cars with buses, taxis; and construction trucks and deluxe cars, I ran. Where were the eco-cars?”

We were talking about last Saturday’s Times Square Alliance Yoga Solstice Fest.

Sadly, even the yoga instructors looked like drill sergeants. There was so much stress wrapped up into that very commercial event.

“Indeed,” I said “Not for me” as I walked away even though it took me two hours to get to the Yoga Event from 191st Street in Manhattan.

The real urbanites of this City have been doing yoga in the Parks at least since the 60s.

“Real Urban Yogi don’t breathe auto dirt.”
–© 2008 bubblegumvision

This past Saturday’s event was Carmic Yoga.

“If you allow the cars to trample our air and earth,
you will not have stirred the state of our peace.”
–© 2008 bubblegumvision

When we have events in the City suddenly we don’t have subway service in the Heights? Its starting to feel like we are not wanted in the City on weekends.

Having already signed up for 4-5 hours of Monster Transit Authority, I continued onwards to checkout the Bubble Bath scene. The bathers had been moved uptown, four streets, I was told, to give the Yoga Masters their space. I could not see any sign that the joyous event would take place, not even 15 minutes before start time. Were they not commercial enough?

I am sure it happened; no one is going to take joy away from Bubble Bathers.

Meanwhile a nice young lad allowed me to take a picture of his bubble bath joy on 47th and 7th.

Carmic Cleanser: Bubble Bath Joy ©2008 bubblegumvision
Afterward I walked from 42nd street to Prince and Lafayette to have Dosa with Hampton Chutney before making the 3-hour trek back to “home turf” on 191st Street.

I hope I’ve left no doubt in your mind that the City caters to Cars; its their Carmic dirt.

“To clean their dirt they must go to a place of wisdom and bathe in wisdom.”–sufi

Bubble Bather © 2008 bubblegumvision

The City must take a Bubble Bath!


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