Andy Warhol’s townhouse is for sale, What a deal!

Libraries R Us!

While apartment hunting I found this deal: Warhol Landmark for sale.

57 East 66th Street

$38.5 million
with $62,937 annual taxes

I got my buzz on right away. I asked my mom to ask my dad if he was interested. He said he wouldn’t want to move down from his present circumstances.

I tried to persuade my mom, 22 rooms, your whole family can live there. She said she really wasn’t into living with all her kids. She said it was hard living with people for both young people as well as old people. Oh my, what about me, just stuck in the middle?

Later I asked Geekboy to ask his parents to invest. Sorry, they were looking for something about 5 million euros less. I will try to convince another friend tomorrow. I guess that property won’t be going commercial as it has landmark preservation status. O’Donnell library must go but not the Warhol townhouse. See Endangered 10.

Yes, even as late as May 28, 2008 when the Donnell library would close by week’s end, “People were confused,” yammered various officials.

There is no confusion. It was sold by someone who had no right to sell it. Its coming back as the basement of a hotel. Imagine all that culture, all that continuity within the Rockefeller Center and then, it all was too late, when some finally got it. Many of us tried to change the fate of the Library when the bragging rights for the inside NYPL sale hit the internet. The State and City officials were bought. They did not even move a finger to respond to requests for help. And so, yes, Andy Warhol will stay but libraries are us is buh bye.

And to think just 22 rooms on East 67th for $38.5 million and the Library at Rockefeller sold for $58.5 million in cash.

Stretching the truth


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