Murakami finds his Buddha Nature

I am Murakami! © 2008 Bubblegumvision

While Mr. Pointy made it in, Murakami was unable to get his 6,613 lbs and 18.5 plus foot bodpod into the Takashi Murakami’s Brooklyn Museum retrospective space.

Thanks to the visionary work of owner, Minskoff Group, over a decade ago, the “Oval Buddha” has abundant headroom to reflect its Murakami at 590 Madison Avenue Sculpture Garden, 56th Street in New York City through September 7, 2008. It was a bold move back then for a private public space to mess with City public art vision, to maximize seating and sculpture and minimize trees and flowerbeds.

MurakamiMe © 2008 bubblegumvision

Murakami’s “Oval Buddha” is probably the most mutually symbiotic sculpture to rule over 590 Madison Avenue Sculpture Garden’s space in years. While Murakami’s commercial kingdom presently rules Brooklyn; his Soul is perfectly positioned for homage in the most prestigious commercial spot in Manhattan, next to Niketown and Trump Tower, in the Plaza, not too far from Mother Lode Vuitton at 1 East 57th, less than one minute away. This former IBM space is now in peak bloom.

The sculpture’s fit inside this space is genius; are there just two sides to a buddha? Fear not the air is clean here (no puffing away outside) you can actually eat your brown bag lunch. And people wonder why the Kitty is crying (Goodbye Mary, Hello Kitty).

See also Flickr wallyg on the iconic Oval’s history and detail and some really cool pictures.

Murakami on his Oval Buddha:

“Over the years, as I worked on it, it became a self-portrait,”

“It says I’m getting old and fat and have a big head,”

“No sports; just sitting every day. A very tired back. Those are the feelings that went into this.”

“He’s a very honest character,”

“Oval Buddha” is Murakami’s newest addition to his cast of creatures… five years in the making from conception to creation, the Oval character came to Murakami as he sat on the toilet.”

“Sad, isn’t it? I wish it was a more beautiful story,”

–Los Angeles Times, “Superflat World

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