New York City Pathetic – MTA uses more electricity than Portugal or Chile

If you live in New York City you are stripping the mountain tops of Buffalo Mountain, West Virginia in a glorified process Con Ed calls clean coal aka mountain top removal.

Con Ed provides New York City dudes a ride to work on the subway, air conditioning, desktop computing and air cleaning at affordable prices.

New York used slightly less energy than Austria, and a bit more than Portugal or Chile.–The Works: Anatomy of a City

Sign the Coal River Wind Petition

When you get up in the morning look at all the electrical appliances you have plugged in and unplug them before you go to work. And when you come home think about which ones you absolutely have to have and donate the rest, even if that means your dishwasher, to the Coal River Wind Project.

I am sure you don’t want to deprive the people of West Virginia of a living, of clean air and water and a future. Its more than callous, its absolutely criminal to just walk on by, and not do something.

Buffalo Mountain, West Virginia

Sign the Coal River Wind Petition

I know the pain of the people of West Virginia, and everyday I make sure that no electrical appliance is plugged in when I leave. And I only plug in those that I am immediately using. I don’t have a dishwasher and I never use my air conditioner. I don’t have a desktop, I have an energy efficient laptop which gets unplugged the moment I don’t use it.

Sign the Coal River Wind Petition

I find New York City’s Mass Transportation terribly wasteful and inefficient. I would absolutely boycott it if it were not for the filthy smokers on the street. They stand at stop lights and bus stops, subway tunnels, and they walk the streets flailing their cigarettes, smoking away our futures.

I try not to take the subway any more than I have to. I don’t use it on the weekends. I only use it to get to work and back. If I do anything in the city I walk to the destination no matter how far.

Average peak demand for power in New York City by MTA on any given day is about 600 megawatts.–New York City MTA going green

Sign the Coal River Wind Petition


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