New York City Pathetic – Cops in the Bus Lane

misnamedlane © 2008 bubblegumvision
Oh My! Aren’t our men in black and blue suppose to set an example??

Almost every day at least ten NYPD cars are blocking the entire bus lane at Columbus Circle. This has been going on for years. So why be such a hypocrite, NYC? Why don’t you just color over the words bus lane so we won’t get our hopes up for sustainability.

Today I reported a bus driver. I usually just jot the absurd going ons of the MTA down in my diary. Sure I’ll report grafitti and leaking tunnels at the drop of the hat, but when it comes to personnel I have to think about the consequences to them.

This particular bus driver has done the same thing for the past two weeks, focus on anything but the passengers. In various ways, green light ahead, police officer wants to get into his bus lane hogging car and overpacking the bus, oblivious to the same number bus behind her.

What really pushed her over the edge of my diary today was her insubordinate attitude towards the passenger. Today a passenger told the driver that the bus was overpacked and please just shut the door. The driver told her to mind her own business. Then the driver stopped at the next stop when no bell had been rung and loaded more passengers on to an over capacity bus. The same number bus behind her had no choice but to go on ahead. The same passenger mentioned this fact to the driver.

When it was time for those passengers at 57th Street and Fifth to get off the driver sugared up her abused passenger to have a good day. That passenger was beaming, then the driver said just as the passenger took the last step out of the bus, I am sure you will make someone else’s life miserable today.

Come on MTA, what are we riding here, a crane zoo?

Get with recertifying and retraining your bus drivers and subway drivers, they desperately need it.

We pay $2 to ride that rotten vegetable heap. Give me a break, this post is definitely tagged New York City Pathetic, NYCCRUD.


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