New York City Pathetic: Polishing the City Image

NYC, anytime, anywhere, unpolished behavior © 2008 bubblegumvision
I read that in China, the method of persuasion is polishing up Beijing for the Summer Olympics.

There is a whole scale of fees and fines that could be applied.


“Most people will put the cigarette out when inspectors advise them to. Stubborn illegal smokers who wont listen at all will be asked to get out of the public places,” —Rao Yingsheng, Deputy Director of the Patriotic Hygiene and Sports Committee of the Beijing Health Bureau

China adopts persuasive steps to make people quit smoking

New York City’s smoking policy tarnished

Last year, in New York City, Trendy inquired of the City of New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as to the need for smoking restrictions at stop signs, front of office buildings and their vents, bus stops, subway tunnels and even on the buses.

The October 29, 2007 response was that the Smoke Free Air Act of 2002 did not restrict smoking in any of the areas I mentioned. They were wrong it does restrict smoking at bus stops and there is a law that states you shall not smoke within 100 feet of a building. That pretty much takes care of everywhere on the street in midtown.

The department went on to write: “[we] are looking into the issue of smoking at bus shelters with another city agency. We would be happy to contact you again when we have more information regarding the outcome of this inquiry.”

I have received no word from them. I have just dashed off another letter to them now.

New York City’s Transportation Department gets the job done.

I also wrote the transportation department even months before the Bureau of Tobacco Control’s letter about how cars blocked our entry way to the building and the subways and signs at the entry of the Cloisters and Bennett were not respected. All of these children crossing from the subway to the sidewalk were in danger as the cars did not even stop and were speeding. They needed a stop sign and a crosswalk.

Months later, October 2007, that department wrote me apologizing for the delay. They had investigated and I was correct that further traffic management is needed in that area. Last week I saw definite signs, markings for stop lights at what should be a crosswalk, they definitely are keeping their word. Isn’t that inspiring?



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