The Bus Cameras are inside the Bus; not on the outside

Signs of the City © 2008 bubblegumvision
Today I was on an MTA crosstown bus in New York City that had a video camera installed and running inside it. There was no sign of warning about the camera on the outside of the bus. On the inside of the bus, in the middle, there was a small white sign informing those standing that video cameras may be turned on inside the bus.

Why do city buses need a camera on the inside of the bus when the problem is on the outside??

This action reminds me of the overly protected world trade center on the inside but not the outside.

New York State threw out the bill for exterior bus cameras (See StreetsblogDavid Gantt sent bus cameras to defeat in Albany“).

All it would take is one bus, one exterior camera, one trip around Manhattan, to figure out what is wrong with the city. I guess that’s why the non-city dwellers in Albany don’t want to know. Instead they will allow invasion of rider’s privacy without due notice inside of the city MTA buses.

Where is the ACLU when you need them??


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