Beer Bust for DNC

Ok. So DNC is in Denver later on this summer for the convention and they’ve got the local beer company’s wasted waters fueling their cars. See Molson Coors powers up GM Convention Cars at springwise.

Australia one upped them over a year ago. Queensland U, being the first to actually develop and utilize the technology to put wasted beer to sustainable use, providing electric power and a fuel source.

“..microbial fuel cell – essentially a battery in which bacteria consume rich, water-soluble brewing wastes such as sugar, starch and alcohol. The bacteria release chemical energy from the organic material, which is then converted into electricity….

Therefore, it not only saves on electric power use but also generates it.

And the water, at the end of the process is good enough to drink, according to Professor Keller, who has sampled it.”–Australia finds new power source – Beer


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