Today my mom turned 79

She was born in the year of the Great Depression.

Both her parents had a college education and were born of great means.

Her grandfather extended credit to many of his customers during the American Depression even though they were not paying him back. People were starving. Overnight crop prices fell 60 percent and plundered his business. Several large suppliers sued him into bankruptcy. He had 9 adult children all doing well. He did not call out to them. He was deaf at the age of 50, no cries from help from him. He took his house and turned it into apartment units and built a small humble house. He and his wife lived there through the age of 80.

I remember his eldest son, my grandfather, helped out his brothers and sisters. Yet he always clipped coupons and shopped the specials at the grocery store. He gave his desserts away to the “needy” child. He never called out for help or demanded anything from his children. He put my aunt through college and a masters degree. He struggled to do so.

My mom said that this 79th year was a landmark. Yes indeed, Mom, you are right about that. Auspicious indeed.


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