Why is the "i" in Cuil Blue?

I’ve come to the conclusion that new search engine entry from the Google expats club, Cuil, is a brand searcher, a magazine for brands.

Between intermittent gaps in their capability, I’ve found glorious pages on Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Google, all three of the presidential candidates, Seth Godin, celebrities and ad guys. People like Scoble, Digital Inspiration and me were in the 100 of thousands.

A search for “The Best of Trendy” or “best of trendy” in Google puts those words as number 1 and 2, at the top of tens of millions of links…sadly in cool (“Cuil”) a vanity search for “the best of tendy” comes in as number 1 among 149.8 thousand entries.

Perhaps, at least for this keyword searcher, that’s the answer as to
why the “i” in Cuil is Blue.”

p.s. Chris Brogan’s “i” in Cuil is Blue too. See “Cuil Misses Me“.


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