Search for FunkyFresh &copy Finds Thelma and Louise

Thelma on the Bridge © 2008 Steph

There was a plan. On Sunday, we were to load up our cameras and set out for the George Washington Bridge…

Oops…this is New York City… not that easy…

My friend, Steph, was coming from low 80s and Broadway to meet me at 181 and Ft. Washington Ave by subway. It took her one and one half hours from point to point. Meanwhile I was standing outside the Starbucks melting away, hmm, getting smoked on.

We had to go through a tunnel of dog poo in the process of figuring out where the entrance to the bridge was. Who knew? I thought if you’ve seen one bridge you’ve seen them all. Not so, this bridge is not the Brooklyn Bridge!

We could hardly get on the bridge for all the bikers coming off the bridge. When we stopped to take a pose, waiting for the bikers to go by, one biker told us we were very selfish to take a picture there. That it made it very hard for him to come down the bridge. Excuse me, I thought, but there is a sign here about sharing with the peds (assuming that does mean pedestrians, could we have some graphics here?).

Steph took the side of the biker. I said “look, bikers are the same monsters as motorists, they think they have so many rights that they don’t even bother to read !!!>> the motor vehicle departments manual.

When there is a stop sign that means their participation in civil society is required also. So many of their accidents in New York City are because bicyclists were riding through the stop sign, weaving in and out of the vehicles and pedestrians and basically plowing right through pedestrians. Steph looked sad. Was this shoot going downhill?

So as things were getting pretty hectic with the bicyclists we kept on trucking towards Fort Lee. Finally finding some space, we saw a mirror. Wow that would be a cool picture Thelma said admiring her reflection.

Geez Louise, Its Just Art! © 2008 bubblegumvision

The guy in the booth was smiling but at the same time telling us we can’t shoot pictures of the bridge or that mirror. Ok that did it for Steph. She suddenly became Louise. We aren’t getting out of here until we shoot that bridge.

There were no signs anywhere that said you cannot take a picture of this or that on the bridge. So what’s up with that? and where is the ACLU when I need them?

Hey I saw art and I snapped it.


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