Seven Sins of Cuil

1. Unnatural Word Plays with cool.

It is and still will be hot to use hot. Cooling up? Never.

2. Belongs to the evil BIG club.

On launch day, elder search engines ranked the club at the top of their results for CUIL, their negative spins were welcome.

3. Belongs to the Url kissup club.

Any URL announcing Cuil got top search engine ranking

4. Pet project leanings.

In a Google search of ‘Cuil Google conspiracy’ the top four entries were about a Google scheme or conspiracy.

5. Cuil is a brand magazine.

Marketers denied it, it is so.

6. Supernatural powers.

Cuil Launched with Intermittent service throughout their first day and there were no earthquakes. They now rank 3 million plus links. And you thought you had to know how to keep your server up to be on top.

On the same day Cuil makes Google Trends with graph ticks from Argentina and Spain.

7. Second day Love-in with Information Technology.

CNET a few hours ago “All you need is love” and an hour ago from Information Week “Google should take privacy lessons from Cuil.” CUIL is CRUEL


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