New York City Pathetic: Pedestrians Gone Wild!

Pedestrians Gone Wild! © 2008 bubblegumvision

I knew it, oh I just so knew it.

The reality of Pedestrians Gone Wild has been creeping up on us the secret civil society of New York City. After decades of Ford et al.’s autocracy the common form of New York City Pedestrians are letting it all hang out on the bus lane.

On Mad Ave it took approximately one year to train New York City luxe and taxidrivers and rotten vegetable trucks “to do not even think about parking here” in the bus lane. Now on that rakish avenue the pedestrians are the greatest adversary of our everyday MTA bus driver dude/dudess.

Yes sir all over Mad avenue the Pedestrians think that thick roadway paint planning for bus lanes only means park it here Ped!

I personally watched while a few buses waited for the pedestrians to Get Out of the Bus Lane! The Peds never did move until their destination traffic light displayed green, go. Apparently New York City Pavlovian theory pattern is “run me over first, I dare you, light change then move it.”

Third avenue is still suffering from drivers who can’t understand what “bus lanes only” means. I think it is because prominent “Don’t even Think About Parking Here” signs do not flourish there. Those signs when planted are appealing because they strut the New York attitude of dare me! Oddly enough the pedestrians are not parking it in those lanes.

p.s. When you are Home in the Heights there is zip traffic control and probably about 10 times more cars than that mentioned above.


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