New York City Pathetic: Should I Apologize

Would I have to apologize if on the street, I wore the very same mask I wear to bed because my landlord for over a year has never set foot into my apartment to investigate the oppresssive smoke? Smoke that measures well over 10 times that of very poor air?? So far I must pay $100 a month in electricity bills to get air that is very poor, so that neighbors may enjoy their freedom to smoke cigarettes and marijuana into the diss-comfort of my home. Because as a non-smoker in New York City I am their Prisoner. It is I whose human rights are violated. I am told give us 30 days, so we can find someone else (another victim?) and we’ll let you out of the lease. This is an offer they say. And the judge just draws out a piece of paper and says you must write a statement and send it to him. Reading that piece of paper I find that he has written that I must file a formal pleading. Imagine that no due process in New York City. He did not ask me anything. I repeated that he wanted a written statement. I asked him about pro se instructions from this very court. He kept writing, shaking his head. And I went to the court reporter to get the transcript and nothing was recorded so I do not have the right to an appeal. I have the right to a motion which requires memoranda. This is what democracy is about in the New York City. Should I apologize?

see US cyclists apologize to China for air masks

This is a 3MFiltrette duct taped onto a 20-inch box fan, after 3 weeks if one holds it up to the light they cannot see through it, its done. It cost $15.97 plus New York sales taxes. That is how much some people spend on food in one week in new york city, at least those who don’t have food stamps do.


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