New York City Pathetic: When Huh?? is the Factor

I have lived in New York City for 35 years; I am partially deaf, I have lung and pulmonary disease. I was not born that way; I did not come to New York City from Houston, Texas that way back in late 1971. Was it the sirens, subway bells, sqawker box or the oppressive cigarette smoke in my apartment? I read lips to understand people who speak too low at work. I do not have health insurance. I make 1/3 of what people who do the same job less well. I left my career because I didn’t want to commute six hours a day or live in another country or not be able to work with people of my own culture and respect or just have 4 hours of sleep everyday on top of all that. I didn’t think I had to. This too will pass.

Its time to listen up if you can…

While New York City is not the only offender, San Francisco rises above its Huh??? factor by about 10 decibels…

still…that’s no excuse…

There are two women who have made a great website that brings focus as to how much is too much in the city. See Deafening Decibels.

There have been no answers coming down the pipe from New York City Council since 2003. When asked Press Sec to the Mayor showed no signs of further intelligence coming from this city’s duh factor he stated “Subways are noisy, this is news?

And so, what if you were to wear ear plugs, would you be arrested?
After all aside from the malfunctioning squawker box where senseless programming of the people of the City of New York goes on daily, what would the point be of the closing door bells and warning signals if no one could hear? 2006 Mailman study on 30 minutes in New York City subways causes hearing loss gives you ways to protect your hearing from sounds that the City wants you to hear.

In March 2008, Chicago firefighters took a siren manufacturer to court for hearing loss. Huh??
Shouldn’t they have taken the city council, the fire department and the fire engine manufacturer who placed the siren without hearing loss warnings, perhaps there were statutes that forbade litigation for these obviously protected parties?

And what about the People of Chicago, what about their hearing?

When Huh?? is a factor, so is Duh!


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