New York Pathetic: Barnes & Noble tops Donors to Paterson Reelection

Leonard Riggio, gave $50,000, and his wife,
Louise Riggio, $50,000 to Governor Paterson’s reelection campaign.

Other special interests of the Governor can be found at Artifacts.

Mr. Riggio owns Barnes & Noble. is the largest online competitor for Barnes & Noble.

In June 2008 Governor Paterson took a swipe at Amazon with what is known as the Amazon tax. That all New York State consumers and anyone advertising /affiliating for an out of state company that results in consumerism from a New Yorker (how do you figure that one out for all the ad agencies in town???) shall pay taxes because you know, New York State has to spend all kinds of money on ????? to help improve ??????
Your guess is as good as mine, it sure ain’t in the subway.

In July 2008 Barnes & Noble delivered.

As we have seen with Hillary Clinton’s campaign funders it sure doesn’t take much dollar to buy a big hunk of favor from a New York State politician at bargain basement prices. Like New School $1.6 million for $100,000 in donations. No wonder nothing gets done in New York City that actually helps the silent majority of its people.

See: Governor Paterson is a Peach


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