The Long Tail of Maureen Dowd Commenters

Maureen in a Barrel © 2008 bubblegumvision (Bergdorf’s window on the press)

I really don’t know how long the New York Times has been doing long tail on comments to its op-ed columns. It does seem curiouser that a comment on a column would be recommended or not.

Still, it sure was interesting to find that the longest tails on comments pretty much put Maureen into a barrel.

Maureen Dowd’s version of “Keeping it Rielle” maxed out comments at 404 leaving readers to resonate in the recommendations section of last Sunday’s New York Times Op-Ed.

Of those comments with the longest tails Maureen Dowd:

#1 would do best to seek employment elsewhere (380 people recommended)

#19 was terribly puritanical considering this country’s ethical compass (361 recommended)

#50 tests Ms. Dowd with the serious standards of the UK ‘s two top female columnists and fails her (279 recommended).

Would that be another flawed feminist test?

“If Hillary fails, it will be her failure, not ours.”–New York Times, “A Flawed Feminist Test.”


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