Is Rush Hour the time to Close down all the Metrocard machines?

At Columbus Circle yesterday around 5:45pm I entered the CPW side of the 59th Street Columbus Circle station. The MTA fare card machines claimed they took cash only. I don’t carry cash around.

In an Ah Ha! moment, I thought why not try the other side of the station? That side, at Columbus Circle, turned out to be less than better. The fare machines weren’t even taking cash, they stated no cash, no credit cards, no atm cards; wait a minute, was that nada on the bottom line of the message?

So I stood in line at the human fare machine thinking surely New York State would not leave us in the lurch like this. The human machine attendant told me to use the ATM machines at Columbus Circle; they were not accommodating any cards. (Ok he did not say accommodating.)

Gee I thought, when the bus stills aren’t working they just let passengers go through. I ask myself again, aren’t buses better to use for the whole 8-mile journey home?? I am sure some people would say its only 8 miles. 8 miles on a Hawaiian beach or even in Key West but we are on the other side of heaven aren’t we; in uneven concrete, cigarette butt mountains and smoke choking NYC? I awoke from my Inner New York Minute Monologue to manage an enthusiastic reply to the attendant, “Thank you!” The stationmaster seeing the exclamation for its purest form of New York sarcasm returned a wide grin and shook his head.

I did not use the ATM machine upstairs. I only use the ATMs at my bank. So I had to walk a few blocks more.

Ok. So now everything should be smooth, right?

No. Back at yet another MTA ranch of this 59th street monster station the MTA fare machine offered $10 as a selection but if you put in $20 it asked if you wanted to purchase $20. I said, I told you already, $10. That’s right in this modern age, the MTA machines will not make change for you. What, you thought they were a change machine? So I bought $20 of fares which I did not want to do. Isn’t it true if you lose your card and pay cash that you cannot get your money back even if you have the receipt? So why would I want to put any more money into it than I had to (afterall I am trying to get out of this City). I do pay New York sale tax, income taxes and real estate taxes and isn’t that enough already? I did not thank the machine, I told it that it was a moron.

Thank you New York State for being such a good service provider!

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