The Terrorism of Smoke-Free in New York City

New York City will never be honestly designated as a walker’s city because of the terrorist smokers.

All the City needs to do is create smoking zones with 100% of the taxes it rakes in on tobacco sales.

Kenya has smoking zones
. A smoker from Kenya stated “smokers should learn where to smoke. They can’t just go smoking anywhere.”


I don’t give a flying freak about health hazards. All I know is that I carry my lungs around today because of nicotine addicts. That you ruin my clothes and my body, you stink up everything. You have taken away my home and my belongings and my health.

Smokers have such loser rationalizations.

I am a vegan, I don’t drive, I take public transportation at a minimum, I walk (or use to but that was in Giuliani’s time, since Bloomberg, it is very hard to walk amongst the terrorism of smoke-free). I don’t wear perfume and I don’t cook. So now what will you blame me for??

If the city can create one gold toilet for .25 cents a flush why can’t they use all of their tax revenues from cigarette sales on smoking zones for smokers.

A mirrored booth that eco-cleans the cigarette smokers’ puffs and allows the servants to worship their master in peace. There could be plenty of these booths and they could be made today. In New York City, Manhattan, over a million smokers a day steal the fresh air of its majority non-smokers.

When Mayor Giuliani was in control a smoker would not dare behave the way smokers do now. They terrorize pedestrians and residents. Today the smokers of New York City walk, run and flail and throw their cigarettes wildly on the sidewalk, at the crosswalks, the stop signs and even the bus stops and subway stations. I am quite sure NYC tourists have caused quite a bit of the litter and pollution. How can you treat your host country like that? This would never be allowed in Singapore.

I asked an elevator attendant at the 191 Street MTA station to please ask the worker smoking in the station outside the elevator to stop smoking. That I had asked the uniformed worker and he had ignored me. The MTA elevator worker said, well he is not a policeman and the guy isn’t smoking in the elevator. I told him I reported this to MTA and they said tell the attendant. The MTA worker just ignored me.

I wrote last year this time to the City regarding smoking in these public places and they wrote back in October that they were thinking about doing something. Well, so far they have not done anything. I wonder if they even started to think about it.

I am sick and tired of having to dodge smokers left and right when I walk a street. Having to look behind me to ask the smoker to please don’t smoke on me. Even when there are no smokers right in view the air is thick with tobacco. When you get off the subway downtown, midtown and uptown you are faced with the smell of tobacco. When people get on the buses and trains their clothes are filled with the stench of tobacco.

Readers of this blog know that I have been asking my coop unit owner and the landlord to do something about the measured, substantial and oppressive cigarette smoke that covers every square inch of my apartment. They did nothing regarding the smoke inside the apartment. I enlisted every department of New York City and they failed me. I enlisted HUD and they failed to do the minimum required in the Fair Housing Act. They have done far more for less disabled people because they were in a wheelchair or they were older or they wanted to go after a particular developer. My HUD case is filed and I will make sure it is prosecuted. Meanwhile I have a case in civil court. Its alot of work because I had to sue the owner and the landlord in order to effect change. I am not “asking” for constructive eviction I am protesting “forced eviction”. “Forced eviction” is a human rights violation and when I am through with all that the United States various courts have to offer and if I have not achieved all the change that needs to be made I will take this case to an International Tribune.

If you smoke in your apartment and you are a nuisance to another apartment’s resident and that resident’s disability is caused by your smoke, why in the world would you think you have the right to just sit in your apartment and smoke and do nothing but torture your neighbor, force your neighbor out of their apartment? And how dare you judge your neighbor’s ability to cope with your nuisance?

This court case will begin to start a change. People are going to be mighty surprised by how much I have achieved and how much more I will achieve. I will not be deterred by anything. When smokers are creating death for me how can I be anymore afraid of death?

The only reason we have the chaos and terrorism that is New York City today is because people did not get out and vote for Mayor. We must kick this mayor and all of city council out, they have not done their job. They must be held accountable.

Non-smokers are in the majority and smokers are not a protected class. Don’t be pushed out of your home by smokers. Document from the first certified notice and make public testimony, do floor and window wipes, use 3m filtrettes on box fans and if you can afford it get an air monitor in the area (I went without food for a week so I could afford my monitor). These are the important things. Keep a diary of all the times when you could not be in your apartment, all the times you were sick, all the hospital visits. How many times a week you had to do your laundry because when you awoke the clean clothes were reeking of all kinds of tobacco. Your purse, your bag, everything inside it reeking, enough to just make one cry. The times you woke up reeking in tobacco and just wondering what was the point of living, that no matter where you go this shit is there.


2 responses to “The Terrorism of Smoke-Free in New York City

  1. I am glad you are doing something about it. What I do not understand is, why do some landlords prohibit smoking in hallways and stairwells when smoking in an apartment achieves the same result– a nuisance of odor that overtakes those common areas and seeps into the homes of others through walls and doors. I hope you achieve much success in your efforts!!!

  2. by Elise Miller (c)2002-2008

    You bring up an insightful point and the answer depends on where you live in the world. In New York City there is an New York City administrative code from the mid-1980s that prohibits smoking in multi-dwelling residential buildings in public areas. Unfortunately the NYC Health department is assigned the task of enforcing code and they are like the 3 Stooges. Because of this code a landlord will try to stop the smoking inside the building and refuse to look at the more expensive inside of the apartment. In my case I have had a triple whammy of smoke due to two smokers in apartments adjacent to my apartment, multiple construction going on for a year, and the persistence of smoking in the public areas. Taking away each layer does bring some relief, though not remedying the whole pictures. The air monitor I use registers 12,000 micron small particles, 3,000 is max on very poor air. I use a fan with a 3m filtrette to convert the air to better air, the filter only is effective for a week.

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