When your 78-year old mom lives in 77062 — oy vey!

My mom is still at her house.

All morning she and one of my brothers have been calling hospitals to check my 80-year old Dad in. He is disabled by Last Stage Parkinsons Disease. My mom is his sole caretaker.

I wanted my mom to give my Dad a choice; to take him with them.

Finally, my sister received a call from Baylor recommending that she take our Dad on her mandatory evacuation trip.

They’ll be staying overnight at a Houston downtown hotel.

The plan was to travel to Nacodoches, TX where my mom’s sister lives.

I don’t know why they changed that plan.

Its only 162 miles taking 3 hours and six minutes from 77062 to Nacogdoches. Why mom it takes me that long to travel 16 miles a day within Manhattan!


On the Road to Nacogdoches:

“At mid-morning, traffic patterns in Nacogdoches remained normal, according to an official release, though a Texas Department of Transportation brief said, “a dramatic increase in traffic is expected in the district by noon today, getting even heavier with expected evacuation of Galveston and parts of Houston.”

Traffic on U.S. Hwy. 59 from Corrigan to Lufkin is “favoring” northbound traffic, with all northbound traffic signals fixed on green. U.S. Hwy. 69 from Beaumont to Lufkin has moved to “evacu-lane” mode, with two northbound lanes open for evacuation traffic.”


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