My brother is still in 77062

water from Hurricane Ike covers much of Seabrook Friday

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He is of the belief that he can leave tomorrow if he has to.

I just wonder if he has taken a look at the pictures of Seabrook.

My sister had to leave two cats behind. The neighbor who usually takes care of her dog did the same with her cats. Her neighbor said cats can fend for themselves. The Animal Defense League writes if you can’t stay there; then your animals can’t stay there. My sister’s Mercedes was maxed out and my brother was nowhere to be found. He kept all the other folks in 77062 waiting all day yesterday; leaving them to depart 7 hours after the mandatory evacuation. at night, alone, a woman and her child and dog and two elderly and frail parents. He definitely has hurricane trauma that is causing us drama.

According to the Animal Defense League there are certain things you should do if you have to leave your pet behind:

“# If you must leave your pet provide enough food and water for a couple of days in a high place that your pets can reach. Don’t forget to leave you’re cat a couple of litter boxes. This should also be up high. In the case of flooding you should also leave a blanket or something similar on your roof. This will provide your pets a place to sit/lay to prevent paws from burning on the roof material until help can arrive.”–Tips to Protect Your Pets during Hurricane Ike

Its too bad that the information was not good in the zipcode evacuation. I am quite sure my sister would have made my brother take her cats had she read there was a possibility of surge tsunami.

My brother has three sons and one daughter and one granddaughter. I can’t believe he would just out and out stay behind in 77062. He stayed back for Katrina and nothing happened. That’s the sociology of it. You can’t tell the people who stay behind anything. They aren’t reading; they’ve experienced staying behind and it empowers them. They may just be listening to the fluff of the tv channels. Its too bad; the real stuff is on the web. Check out the sci-guy at

Why would anyone stay in a house that is not going to be there with or without you? Wake up and smell the hurricane! Its huge!


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