I just don’t get it, why didn’t people leave

Persons not heeding evacuation orders

in single-family, one or two-story homes will face certain death,
you can imagine what a 20ft wall of water can do to a community.”Patrick Blood, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service

When their cities were offering them buses and shelter? My family did not want to be in the shelters or the buses. The Katrina evacuation left its stains. Maybe that’s why we have so many staying, no matter that they see a real threat ahead of them. These people are suffering from Hurricane burnout syndrome.

Interesting to note, the Mayor and a Councilman were in Clear Lake with a bull horn at an apartment site shouting “Get out Now” Friday afternoon. They were able to fill 3 buses. That’s exactly what it takes.

With the focus on Galveston, the residents of the “mandatory” evacuation zones in Houston deemed their zones not in danger. Over 90,000 people stayed. There is no chance to evacuate now. As in Galveston, they cannot be helped. My brother is one of those.

Some people are writing that the people must have no brains. What they did not have was good information. There was massive information, too much and none specific or personal enough. None of the information was passed on in a way that could be meaningful to those who have Hurricane burnout syndrome.

I begged my mom and sister to do everything possible to not let my brother leave them. He made it to their motel Thursday evening and then he left. He said there were things he had to do for his house.

I told them don’t think hurricane, think 20 foot storm surge. Think about your home, disappeared under 30 feet of water. They said he knows what he is doing. I told them he does not. He is in shock, you have to help him. They were not successful and didn’t believe enough in what I was asking them to do. I tried to call him though I was at work and kept far too busy for what I get paid there. I called my brother over 20 times during a 24-hour period and was only able to get through twice and then only to his voicemail. I left serious voicemails that this hurricane is larger than Katrina, its serious, you will lose your house whether you stay or go. Stay with your children or stay with your parents but you must leave now this very moment.

I told my mom that there is a curfew. I just don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

Hurrican Ike puts Mayor White in the Spotlight


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