Perhaps it was just Gerald O’Hara Syndrome?

“Gerald O’Hara: “Do you mean to tell me, Katie Scarlett O’Hara, that Tara – that land doesn’t mean anything to you? -Gone With The Wind

Its hard to say my brother was selfish to stay. He felt he’d left his family safe and where they wanted to be. He’d be back to help them return home when allowed. He didn’t force them to stay; he let them go. His desire was to stay with his land and protect it.

By the time I called at 9:00AM, my brother who stayed home in 77062 had already scouted out my mom’s home as well as his own. She lives only a couple of minutes away from where he lives. The homes were intact except something fell off of my mom’s roof. I talked to my mom, they have no power and no cell phone batteries were purchased.

My brother wasn’t allowed to enter Armand Bayou for inspection of my sister’s house and checkup on the cats.

I’ll try to get his story for my blog when power resumes; I didn’t want to use up his cell phone battery power. He told me he knew he would be ok.

As for myself I can only remember the Houston Hurricanes I have lived through pre-1970. One time we had to sleep on the floor in an office on the north side of town where I was working and another time we had to use rowboats to get back home from school. We never evacuated our homes. We didn’t have cable television, computer models, or the internet. We also did not have the kind of hurricanes that are now being described to us. Storm surge wasn’t something we talked about in school. We had Hurricane Carla in 1961 but we didn’t talk about her as a Massive Category 4 hurricane.


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