Do you really believe the unemployment figures of New York City today?

Here they are.

After well over six months of the New York Department of Labor not delivering on phone conversations and faxes wherein I did all the work and complied and they did not; I finally sent a priority letter to their commissioner demanding that they do their job.

I received a call within 2 weeks from NYDOL stating that they would like to talk to me about my concerns.

I did not return that call because it was stupid.

Finally someone called me from NYDOL and told me that they thought they could do the job.

And it did take another 4 months for my claim to be set back to the date it was made and for 1/2 of the work that I had done for the period to be put into their “formula.”

All the records are still a mess now. I received notices that I had to come in so they could help me get a job. đŸ™‚

I had already been to this NYDOL ceremony by which you go to Harlem and sit in their waiting room for 30 minutes. They then ask you for their completed questionnaire back and then they give you a colored card and state that when you get a job you are to return the card to NYDOL.

I think that because new information had been registered for me that triggered the ceremony again.

Problem is I had a temporary job and I would lose it if I went in for the colored card ceremony. I just faxed NYDOL back twice about my situation. A week later I received a notice that my unemployment benefits had been suspended because I did not show up for the colored card ceremony. I chose not to protest; is it really worth it? Aren’t they pretty useless and a waste of my good time? I know full well the City and State are robbers and really at some point they just take all your energy and its just not worth it.

And just to show the stupidity of NYDOL system, I received another notice all joyous talking about how I was still on unemployment and they would like to know how its going. How I was to fill out their questionnaire. The notice did not come with any threats this time. I tore it up. Useless. If it was an intelligent and smart system it would see that I have not made any claims for at least 8 months. But sadly NYDOL remains a useless waste of a reasonable person’s time.

Its no big loss. Like I stated to the person who fixed the Labor Departments mistakes it is hardly worth it to do this. I just do it to make you guys honest. I want my number reflected in the unemployment rate. Also the employers usually don’t like to lose their insurance so they find me a job. The person remarked that my record was unusual; the last time I had unemployment I only received $75 from unemployment. I know I said. I had the same troubles with you that time as I have during this period. Even though I had weeks of unemployment I did not bother. I just went weeks without eating.

Yesterday I was afraid because I started vomiting up blood at work. My only fear was how in the heck was I ever going to make it back to the place that I must call home. The place I am most likely going to avoid going home now became a haven. My coworkers brought me bread and ginger ale. I got better in 30 minutes and went back to work. Unemployment wouldn’t have helped me there. You only get unemployment if you were available for work. You only get health insurance if you are willing to endure similar types of mistakes from Medicare. I am not. I’d rather die than go through that shit again. I still remember how I was eligible for Medicare and they pushed me off on Medicaid and Medicaid pushed me off on Medicare and frankly I just gave up. After all a month of shoving papers while you are sick with hemopystis (coughing up of blood) and lung and pulmonary disease that is caused by measured, substantial and oppressive second hand smoke in one’s apartment is inhumane treatment and a human rights violation. This is America, a place where they don’t worry about those things, anyone who can’t afford to feed the insurance system, doesn’t deserve health care. Really, who needs it, we are all dying anyway.


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