Was the City ever better in the 80s or even now?

for me, its only been worse, piss poor in morals, ethics and humanity–Elise Miller, resident of New York City since 1972

“If you look at two things, other than the ineffable spirit of New Yorkers, that made the city better again, you look at police and crime, and prosperity, and in speaking about prosperity, we’re talking about the tremendous sums of money that, despite 1987 and 2000, kept gushing into the city thanks to the people wearing yellow ties.”–Kurt Andersen, the writer and a co-founder Spy magazine at the height of the 1980s Wall Street boom. [Dim Lights, Big City]

In 2008 the City was bursting its tailored pants:

— luxury cars running rampantly through red lights without a blink from the Bloomberg administration.

— masses of nicotine addicts in every inch of a falsely, pompously advertised “smoke-free” New York City.

–masses of illegal immigrants who were protected from their crimes.

–Bloomberg administration lured masses of tourists who poured euros into an already mixed up currency. Isn’t it true that euros rapidly impoverished the City?

— in Wall Street and bixth avenue and all the other subservient parts of Manhattan the air was/is nothing but thick tobacco smoke and there is no freedom from this terrorism; cigarette butts, even 3/4 lit cigarettes being thrown without even looking, whether one is walking on the streets, eating lunch at a public space, waiting for a don’t walk sign, or even in the subway or inside a bus.

— on 135th street there would be gangs of teenage boys or even underage with guns as they commanded the crowds to sway to and fro from their destination.

— on 125th street guns at the supermarket and in the subway.

— on bennett avenue across from the 191st street; drug busts daily

— on broadway and 193rd around 2 and 3am; driveby shootings

— on the streets, east side 60th street, a young man sleeping on the concrete sidewalk with chicken bones strewn around him.

— on 56th street and 6th at 11:45pm homeless people camped out all along the street, housed near the heating vent of the huge troughs of the City.

— the propaganda machine works to pump out contraband pr on the HIV crisis:
in September 19, 2008 the NYTimes reports that progress is being made for HIV reduction in New York City. Their news to counter the August 2008 headlines that New York City’s HIV rate is spreading 3 times faster than the national average.

the bidding wars — people competed for housing at prices they could not afford but could borrow. Today they are among the qualified for bailouts. They hiked up the value of New York City property well above what is was worth. They flaunted their greed to the NYTimes. Even 1950 unrehabbed, no doormen, not even a working lock on the buildings front and back doors, two room apartments, in the high crime ghettos were going for well over $1200 a month.

— the most revealing point about this completely rotten apple was the fact that the mayor ran and owned a business that supplied insider information to insiders on Wall Street. Insiders on Wall Street who were customers or vendors to New York City. And the skimpy ethics committee held fast to their thoughts that this was indeed proper and the councilmen/women who vowed to be vigilant in upholding mayoral ethics of the City just looked the other way.

–where were the police? There were massive polices cars around all the major banks and investment banks in the city. They were fighting off and pre-protecting from angry shareholders. Shareholders who received the same illegal treatment as the RNC convention protesters.

Welcome to the world of those who see clearly; those who are not drinking from the almighty and morally poisonous trough of New York City; those who paid the greatest percentage of their income to New York State and City as taxes and received absolutely nothing back. It is we who have been robbed but where are the police? They are protecting the robbers.


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