Charitable Souls do FEMA’s work in Houston

Ike Recovery

People are really suffering in Houston. Many in the Kema, Seabrook areas lost their homes and all their belongings.

My nephew’s grandparents lost their home and belongings in Bolivar. They were not allowed to take their belongings on the ferry back to inland.

As of Today, Sunday, September 21, 2008, FEMA is still overwhelmed while 1500 Hurricane Ike evacuees sleep on cots and not in hotels or motels far from their homes in Houston and Galveston and Bolivar, Texas.

Soles4Souls is collecting gently worn shoes to help Ike victims in Houston and other states.

Charity Navigator has mapped out Charities for Ike.

There is no help better than a neighbor’s.

It’s up to us to help make sure our fellow Texans get the assistance they need. We have hundreds of people right here in Central Texas who are still in shelters, waiting to return home. Several local shelters and relief organizations are asking for donations and volunteers to help those evacuees. Go to this page to find out what these agencies need and where you can go to donate supplies. There’s also a great website called Texas Responds that serves as a portal for making donations or volunteering your time to relief organizations working right here in the Lone Star State. And of course, keep the folks along the Texas Coast in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks. Many of them are just beginning what could be a long and arduous recovery process.–“In the Wake of Hurricane Ike

My nephew is off from school yet another week. My sister does not know when power will be restored to her downtown clinic.

Even those who have homes and their belongings don’t have food. The grocery stores in Clear Lake don’t have frozen food. I understand that frozen food is a vital necessity for senior citizens.


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