I live in New York City, I Pay Rent and My Apartment is filled with 10-30 times the amount of particles for Very Poor Air

and yet…

Lyrics | – Without You lyrics
all the departments of New York City have failed me when they should not have…
a commissioner of the New York City Health and Mental Hygiene has written me that they have given 11 warnings to my landlord but yet…they have not observed any violation…

A violation being no “no smoking” signs in common areas — check, there were none at the time of this department’s investigation. I meticulously documented the violation.

A violation being cigarette butts prevalent in all the common areas 24 hours endless days and nights during the time of this department’s investigation — conditions I endlessly cell photoed and catalogued and sent to this department and other departments … and yet….

Multitudinous layers of smoke in the common areas during their time of investigation.

And of course there were people smoking in the public areas during the time of investigation.

I can do this without you New York City — You can take your Smoke-Free and stuff it in your special interest piggy bank and troughs….You will be exposed … I will win and I will come back and file Article 78s that are well-documented on each and every one of you…

I have stacks of Articles 78s ready and waiting as soon as this civil court case is appealed as I am sure it will be. It has not yet gone to trial, whichever party wins or loses, this case will be appealed. It will be a landmark case exposing New York City and HUD and the unit owners and landlord. Every correspondence, every form, all the patience of this sole renter who said no, I will not move, I will not experience forced eviction. You must fix this situation. Sadly it will show they were nothing but slugs drinking from the termite ridden troughs of New York City. They will experience a shame deeper than any river, they will experience blue…

It is a building violation and a fire department violation for noxious fumes and smoke to be in an apartment…yet they failed me….

I can fight this without you…and in the end you will be nonessential, useless, a fraud…

Twenty-five people stand waiting to witness and I am counting more and more each day …
the statistics on the air monitor grow…
the 3m filtrettes stack up as a mountain in my apartment
the floor wipes

The legal cites are well over 100

No judge has yet allowed me to speak, they are too busy serving at the trough

The media outlets are waiting for the trial verdict…

How incredible that an Administrative Law Judge, and two Bar Associations would deny fault on the obvious appearance of an attorney with no legal papers and no notice… from an insurance company for Coops no less… what are the odds of that?

Yes … I will do this without you…


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