3.09 million Google Links Find Congress Treasonous

Congress Treasonous. How trendy can you get? Yes watch the two “Official” Presidential Candidates, they don’t even know how to sing, they don’t even know the words, they just hum along out of tune with the American people and strangely the media tells us that the American people are jiving with them. Its incredibly hard to believe. Just as it is incredibly hard to believe that Mayor Bloomberg would dare to consider begging for a third term. He has done nothing yet of any great importance, he has ruined our environment, he has allowed our quality of life to go to pot and he is chiming in with those ruining our livelihoods.

This latest bailout against the people of the United States of America is completely treasonous.

Let them eat chocolate Congress said as they added a side of bacon. How Trendy.

We have two candidates who are just singing along with the incumbents and acting as if it is only they who exist in this world.

There are so many people out on the streets tonight without a job. Just think of them and don’t pass by them until you’ve been able to give them something of value please.

10 Tips for the Unemployed

Everytime you do think about these high flying bankers who are taking the billions that don’t even exist except out of your future, know that they are living a life of excess with bacon on the side; eventually their insides will rot and they’ll cancel their calendar date tummy tucks and sagging jaw tightenings. They will be exposed for the lame pigs that they are.

Vote Nader!


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