Books that cost less than $.01

When you’ve lived as long as I have in New York City as an adult there are business experiences that go into replay.

I smile as I remember working at Finley, Kumble and Wagner. No viable bankruptcy division. Got a client? No problem, there are judges and partners somewhere looking for just such a lead-in. God you can smell a fake, a shark fake from a mile away!

“In addition, Kumble had made major acquisitions in both bankruptcy and labor law, Gary Blum and Burton Lifland, who was later to become the chief bankruptcy judge for the southern district of New York, had succumbed to Kumble’s pitch in 1975.”–Shark Tank by Kim Isaac Eisler Widgets

As fate would have it, I would be working at Drexel Burnham as it began its freefall.

There are so many more experiences I could tell you about and even now, maybe later, when this is all over. I know already what is going down. The shark pattern is identical. It is the carelessness all around that sets off the scent. I am quite expert at its detection. However, there is nothing I can do. I can only say, yes sir, you are the boss.

I called other agencies on Friday. I also put in applications for a job that I am eminently qualified and better suited. These agencies say people are requesting me, but not long term. I thought it odd and a small world. They told me a lie. They said a firm that I had worked for had not requested anyone to work for them since my employment there. I know this is a lie. I was walking in the area of that firm and bumped into another temporary. She had been working at the firm quite steadily since I was ousted for being sick with lung and pulmonary disease for three days. Isn’t it a small world? That lie helps me out alot with this case that I am working on.

Its no big surprise to me how these courts and how this congress are not catering to me and how they call shoving coal into the furnace a bailout. No, not at all, they are strip mining me to energize “their” interests.

Trust me, on the island, sharks abound! Chug-a-lug to Drexel Burnham alumni now at Goldman Sachs: Widgets


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