The Science of Snoogle — Influence the Vote

v. to reap benefit from a search engine predominated with social networking information.
n. (1) information reaped from the action of snoogle. (2) one who snoogles
© 2008 Elise Miller, urban dictionary author

Isn’t it true that Facebook

and YouTube

are owned by entities supporting Obama?

Ralph Nader wants you to: Open The Debates!

Facebook Censors Ron Paul?

Vote Nader

Over 11 million people are talking about communication vs. content in Google, a search engine that holds a 53.9% share of the search engine market . See the links.

and well they should, it is an interesting topic in a highly influential presidential election year.

If you Google for president:

If you Snoogle for President:

The Science of Snoogle finds that Obama, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin truly understand the art of snoogle.

Clearly Nader got snoogle in September when Obama Girl joined him on their joint YouTube show, 1.3 million links.

May the best snoogler win.


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