New York City Democracy Fake

“Where is Columbus?” © 2008 bubblegumvision

Last night in the City Chambers hundreds of brave souls came to express their opposition to the Mayor of New York City robbing we, the people’s freedom, in the name of Lehman’s crisis. They had to sit and wait until 11:30pm and still many did not get to their two minutes of justice. Mayor Bloomberg’s supporters were in the minority. Opposition to Mayor Bloomberg’s heist was in the majority. But yet, they had to plead to Mayor Bloomberg’s friend and ally, and in the end were cast aside. The ally pointed out that the big wigs of the City have voiced their support but couldn’t wait all those hours to say so, a Goldman Sacs ex-executive prophetically glowed on the supporting no term limits roster of five (5) or less.

Oh My! Mayor Bloomberg’s head fake is to play the same cards as the pimps, we are in a “Lehman’s Crisis” and only he, alone can handle it. Funny, he isn’t admitting the huge part his company has played in the crisis.

Stay tuned for more on this incorrigible freedom snatcher. I do hope the Mayor runs without the people’s mandate and, by so doing, he shall surely lose in one of the most monumental public humiliations. I want him to lose, he is the Mayor that has ruined the quality of life in our city. He has done nothing but tear up the place.


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