Peter Minuit exchanged Manhattan for some trinkets; Michael Bloomberg exchanged it for 37 third terms and private funding

Mayor Bloomberg has bought the majority of City Council members by allowing them to vote for a third term for themselves….

The New York State Governor is responsible for investigating the improprieties of the Mayor….
“I have no problem with whatever decision they make, but my only concern is the good-government concern — that whatever decision is made that it be one that will set a policy that is consistent and would apply equally in the future.”– said Governor Paterson is a Peach…

Huh, isn’t the Peach far out of touch with reality? The People of New York City have already spoken twice and what is going on in New York City is not another chance for them to speak three times.

On Thursday night, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo stated that his Wilkie Farr customer, Mr. Bloomberg, is:

“spectacularly well-suited to the task” of leading the city through financial tumult.

New York City did not vote for the mayor for his abilities, their votes were bought. The Mayor bought his first term as Mayor of the City for $74 million and his second term for $84 million.

The Mayor also specializes in buying repentance:

The sexual harassment cases of the few at Bloomberg Inc. who were either wealthy or strong enough to penetrate past Mr. Bloomberg’s media force during his two terms as Mayor of New York City:

  1. 2005 for $15 million see here
  2. 2007 $48 million a piece. also see He bought his way out of three sexual harassment cases. He was defended by the law firm of Wilkie Farr, where former Governor Mario Cuomo (the New York State Attorney General’s father) is Of Counsel.

Out of the other side of Mr. Bloomberg’s “abilities”, he writes the New York City bluebook on sexual discrimination here.

The Mayor serves his Company’s customers,
Wall Street, hedge funders and private equity, in his “deeds” for New York City and he gets paid $1 from New York City for the favor. Currently the Easy Ethics Committee known as Conflicts of Interest Board of the City of New York (“COIB”) is deciding on the Mayor’s latest insistence, that the President of his Company, former Deputy Mayor, be kept on several of this City’s most controversial Boards until 2010.–Best of Trendy, “In A City Run by Propaganda and Greed


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