Showy Mountain Top Banners for Election ’08…

Greenwash? In politics? TerraChoice Environmental Marketing company defines the six sins of Greenwash here.

Mr. Nader was the first presidential candidate to sign a letter stating:
“If elected President, I will ban mountain-top removal mining by appropriate executive authority and by signing the Clean Water Protection Act when it reaches my desk.”

The Charleston Gazette reports that the “two” candidates do a rethink on their rather considerable pro-coal status. There are 95 comments on that article and one of them by anonymous wrote: “Well you folks can talk all you want, but I personally dont think, that mccain or obama care at all about mountain top removal. Those dudes will say anything to get a vote.” Amen.

Obama claimed support for banning mountain-top removal mining on September 17, 2008 when it became a campaign issue. Earlier in the campaign, August 2007 in Lexington, KY he stated “We’re tearing up the Appalachian Mountains because of our dependence on fossil fuel.”

McCain walked around the topic in Florida on September 17, 2008 stating that he has only discussed with coal executives and they are doing a better job of it.

The truth about Obama is clear when it comes to his coal state Illinois, just about anything gets filed under the heading “clean coal”.

In 2008 Who Will Step Outside the Greenwash?

How strong the environmental voice for the Democratic Party?

I Love Mountains!

Do You?

I’m E(lise) and I’m getting some lovemarks out there for, won’t you?

Weekly 5 of the Best Lovemarks, 13 December 2007

…Personally, I love it when causes are put forward with social networking tools and this one is 3.0. gives a simple yet poignant message. We are all connected in reforming the energy industry’s abuse of Appalachia and we have a real chance of helping the people in Appalachia through our connected actions. Read more.
E, United States


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