Judge Loves Hurt while Two Brave Souls Try to Halt City Council’s Vote on Term Limits

First question, can you buy a judge in New York City’s Civil Court? AbsoFreakinlutely!

“Brooklyn council members Bill de Blasio and Letitia James filed a petition earlier in the day asking the court to stop a scheduled council vote to increase the number of terms the mayor and current council members may serve. The lawmakers contend allowing a third Bloomberg term would violate the city’s conflict-of-interest law.

Judge Jacquelyn Silbermann’s ruling clears the way for a vote on Thursday, although it could be appealed.”

Associated Press

Mr. deBlasio and Ms. James are both in their second terms on the Council and we, the people, thank them for their integrity. I am keeping an eye out on my councilman, he’s in his second term. Funny he never answered my letter on the ethics of selling the Donnell Library without public hearing or notice or council vote. See “At A Crossroads with Andrew Carnegie” and We request Mr. Gregorian to review Andrew Carnegie’s explicit donor intent and act accordingly for Donnell Library and All Branch Libraries Sold

As for Judge Jacquelyn Silbermann:

In 1989 she ruled that William Hurt and Ex-Dancer Were Never Married, though they had a 6-year old son and had lived together for 8 years.

“The judge’s first words were that ‘The Big Chill’ was her favorite movie and that he was her favorite actor,”–William Hurt and Dancer Never Married

I find it reassuring that the two council members that could be bought have not faked out…
now what will the other 35 who stand to gain from their exchange for mo terms do?

As for those council people on their first term, count Peter Vallone, Jr. in for Mr. Bloomberg. Mr. Vallone was one of eight receiving $4.5 million in public funding from Mr. Bloomberg. The Cat’s kitten in the heist of Manhattan received the largest portion of the funding. Simcha Felder pulled in the most money from the mayor, collecting more than $1.9 million for 19 organizations. The third suspect for swiped terms is of course the smoother, she got mushy about a slushy fund of fakes for $4.7 million. Is it true that once all of these council people crossed the line of good ethics and reality a very long time ago; it was all over for the City of New York?

How will they vote on Thursday? The world is waiting to fill in the rest of this chart.

Manhattan Exchange: Trinkets and so much More!

You have to love Peter Vallone, Jr.’s latest mantra. Basically the rant is that the council has decided that they know what the people want through their own self-absorption, whatever that means.

“I did not make this decision because of how it affected me personally or any other individual, but I based it on what I felt was best for all people in the city.”–“Vallone Sides with Bloomberg.”

“public opinion is tilting against the change, and privately some allies of Ms. Quinn say she is anxious, if not desperate, to hold the vote before an advertising campaign opposing the change takes hold.”–Council schedules Thursday Vote on Term Limits


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