For Halloween Do Sarah Palin

In Brooklyn’s Borough Park, for everyday use, there is a run on Sarah Palin wigs.
See the story in the timesonline.

Actually there is much interest in how to get Sarah Palin hair on Google, 1.3m links.

Finally, my mom says that Sarah Palin should run as Mayor Bloomberg’s running mate, you know, deputy mayor. However, I think if such a campaign exists, surely a more intriguing one could be imagined than the one she has cooked up with the current tired, boring, lackluster, unprincipled, flip-flop, poo-poo mayor.

Why not pair the now Republican Gristedes King with Ms. Palin, what a duo, for the “Republicans” at least? The Cat would have his kitten. Such as Bloomberg now has his smoother, the Fake.

Another commonality for both mayoral candidates NYC 2009 is their multimillion dollar court awards to their victims and continued suits. Bloomberg continues to have gender discriminatory and sexual harassment suits and Gristedes continues to have problems paying overtime and correct wages to its workers.


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