Alienated Nation; When you are part of a picture

apple meditation © 2005 nathanblaney / elise miller

What if we just let it happen. All of it, huge photo lapses in Democracy.

One day what will our memories be…you were in the picture…

I took some apples, long gloves and a yoga outfit and went to a great photographer far far away from where I live. Even though the journey was long and I was tired, I performed and created the apple meditation…

The beauty photographer wanted audrey hepburn and daryll hannah exposed, but still we ended up creating something that was already created, we did not know bubbles, we did not know nakedness as it strips us today, our very life right out from under us, we only knew the artistry of bubblegumvision…we sought nakedness, I brought nothing…
© bubblegumvision 2006

How natural it is to be a part of it in Poster Size New York City as a tourist, my nephew, the “I” instantly performed…

Iworld1 © bubblegumvision 2008
or the pretend of graffiti, not caring what it means, what it causes, its penalty…because he is a tourist…life can lapse in that fantasy without responsibility world…

Iworld2 © bubblegumvision 2008

Are we just tourists in Presidential ’08?


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