Past his Prime Obama banks on his Party Pony

Political PR: Rhetoric Mashup

Notice how the Democrats get off the hook because they don’t have a President in the White House? Does it matter that the Speaker of the House is a democrat deeply entrenched in hedge funds and private equity? her Pony ethics are just bouncing out of the closets in the House: Pony ethics 101, Pony ethics 101a and Pony ethics 101b; etc.

Isn’t it true Obama, McCain wind up on the same mountain Hillary spoke taxes?

McCain, Obama Are `Disingenuous at Best’ in Tax Duels (Update1)

Vote Nader

“She’s speaking out to people that make over $250,000 that they aren’t going to get their pie in the sky tax cut any more. To some people who have just made that mark and are just coming in to that very special moment; that’s the equivalent to ‘no can do.’ Perhaps people who make over a million dollars, considering the value of the dollar, would be a better conversation? Perhaps they’d stay in their seat?”–The Difference between Obama and Hillary is Who They Speak To

I have no respect for a party that tries to blame their own unmitigated greediness on those reaching for wealth. If we don’t have the American Dream, the apple pie, what do we have? That is why I cannot vote Democrat, pretty much ever, nor Republican. I am all for Nader or any Third Party that is not out to take women down a peg while they put out the garbage.

Vote Nader

Check it out in years past, my ancestors did fine without a Money Cartel and taxes. My mom was born the year of the Depression. Today my mom turned 79

What happened? Greediness?

Check out my genes, then check out yours.

Share your Great Depression Stories before you vote.

Vote Nader


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