Remember when? Someone actually did something about Poor Ethics?

Ethics Probe over Tobacco Settlement, June 14, 2005 ethics investigation into Associate Attorney General Robert D. McCallum “… he inappropriately conferred benefits upon the tobacco industry defendants,” Nader said.

“In so doing, he apparently violated the most basic commandment of the Code of Ethics for federal employees: … ‘Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to persons, party or Government department.'”–Ralph Nader

Congressional Ethics after Abramoff, January 1, 2006
“The Abramoff scandal has spurred one of the episodic “reform” moments on Capitol Hill.

Republicans and Democrats are competing to offer ethics reform packages that ignore entirely their past entanglement in the very activities they now seek to regulate or eliminate.”–Ralph Nader

2 Face Charges by Nader Unit, September 6, 2006 Buh-Bye to Tom Delay

And of course ethics barbs come Nader’s way in Nader Had Campaign Office at Charity and charities can’t aid political campaigns. This doesn’t register on the Pelosi-Rangel ethics scale nor on the OBama scale, Congressional Black Caucus. — October 2003 and his earmarks for a charity run by his wife’s cousin that are currently under ethics scrutiny. A comment on the earmarks article states: “Get over it – there are real issues that need our attention – move on!”


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